Tuesday, 7 August 2012

How to Earn at Home in Your Leisure Period

Before marriage I was working, but after marriage I prefer to stay at home and spend my time as a homemaker. I involved myself totally in my home duties. But after birth of my first cute, darling daughter I feel need of some extra earning source although my husband earns nice but nowadays inflation is a common problem amongst people of our country. So I searched a lot on Internet about "work at home options",so that I can earn some extra money and along with I can take care of my little baby.

There are lots of women who are full time homemakers or moms who wants to earn some extra money so that they can support financially their family along with performing their homemaker responsibilities. On Internet there are all kind of stuff, it is up to you that how you choose right and legitimate work. I know a bit about it and will share with all of you later, hope that will help you in choosing right stuff or work at home options. There are lots of types of online work. I will write here only about those who are simple, legitimate and any homemaker or mom can easily do that.

These days lots of companies wants to know about opinion of their consumers and they do this through marketing or survey companies. Here I will share about some online survey or research companies which are reputed and legitimate. I also had joined some of them. First online survey site which I joined was GlobalTestMarket .This site send maximum number of surveys for Indians. Normally they reward you with 30-50 market points. Sometimes they send survey in Hindi, which I experienced only on this site. Here you can earn some additional points by referring your friends.
Once you reach to 1000 market points which is equal to 50 US dollars you can request for payment. You will receive your payment after 4-6 weeks of your request in form of cheque. One thing which you like most about this site is it sends surveys frequently in your inbox. If you do not qualify for a survey even then they rewards you some market points.

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