Saturday, 21 September 2013

How To Get Free Referrals To Increase Your Earnings???

If you are looking to earn a lot of cash through referrals, here are some of the best ways to do so. You can build a downline without spending a single dollar on referral packages.

1. Add Your Referral URL To A Manual Surf Exchange:

Manual Surf exchanges are where you view a page and in return people view your page. Because it has to be done manually, people have to see the page you are promoting and increase the change of people signing up. Only drawback is Surfing can take time, sometimes up to 30 seconds per page depending on the exchanges rules. Here are some of the top manual surf exchanges traffup, followlike, shaggydogbiz etc.

2. Add Your Referral URL To A Referral Exchange:

You become a referral to other people and they become a referral for you. Referrals exchanges are where you view a page and in return people view and join your page. Visit these communities and get as many referrals as you want easy and free.
Downlinerefs, simplerefs, programrefs, targetrefs, are program where you make some easy referrals.

3. Add Your Referral URL To Blogs And Forums:

People read blogs and forums regularly and it’s easy to find people who are looking for the same things as you.

4. Add Your Referral URL To Auto Surf Sites:

Auto Surf sites, although they can be fully automated, can still bring referrals due to the sheer amount of traffic they bring. You add your referral URL and hit surf now and it just automatically goes from one page to the next. You can’t guarantee people will see your page but there is a chance that 1 in 100 people might see your page. Leaving this running on your PC overnight etc, it can possibly bring you a few referrals overnight. Some examples are: 24x7autohits, 10khits, autohits, hitleap. For more sites simply Google "auto surf".

5. Add Your Referral URL To Social Networking Sites:

Writing a little passage about the site and adding your referral URL is a good way to bring friends and colleagues to those sites via your referral URL. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is the finest way to make some referrals, these sites  making referrals much faster and more efficient than ever.

6. Add URL To Your Sites With A Description Or Article:

You know how much traffic your site or blog brings and if you think you can get referrals this can be a very good promotion method. Considering that it drives more referral traffic than other ways to get downline, you will have to put the time and effort into it before you start seeing results.

7. Add Banner Link To Your Sites, Blogs And Forums:

Banners are branded graphics that have a referral tracking link included in the embed code. But Banner links do not bring much in the way of referrals. The only benefit is you can add them almost everywhere and the more they get seen the more chance of people clicking them. Be sure to include your own referral link to make your downline.

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website/Blog :

Web traffic is most important if you want to make really good amount of money using your blog/website.There are many creative ways to increase traffic to your blog/website.Some of them are paid ways like Google AdWord and some are free of cost.Here we will talk about "How to increase web traffic for free".

TraffUP :
It is a manual surf exchange site where you view a page and in return people view your page. Because it has to be done manually, people have to see the page you are promoting.Only downsides is Surfing can take time, sometimes up to 30 seconds per page depending on the exchanges rules. 

FollowLike :
The FollowLike system will help increase your SEO, Backlinks, Traffic, Social Followers, Bookmarks & Networks.Here we will also get :
1.300 Coin Signup Bonus        
2.400 Coins Per Referral          
3.Earn $0.15 Per Referral

Shaggydogbiz :
If you want to get your opportunity advertised online, you need to join ShaggyDogBiz and put your splash pages into rotation. And as you surf on Shaggy yourself to others websites/blogs.

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Chitika (Alternate Of Google Adsense)

If you are a blogger and want to earn some extra income then definitely you heard about "Google AdSense" and may be some of you also tried to get approval from Google. But only few of them got approval and rest face rejection.Don't get upset you still have some good choices to earn revenue,one of them is Chitika.
Chitika is an Online ad network that serves more than four billion strategically targeted ads each month to a network of more than 2,50,000+ sites making it is the second largest network of its kind.Ads of Chitika are known across the industry for their ability to perform unlike any other,to ensure delivery of intent driven ads to the right user,at the right time and in the right place. Advertising partners of Chitika are: Yahoo!, Superpages, yellowbook, Sopzilla and ServiceMagic, among others.

Chitika ads perform on their own but when publisher use other ad types and services they can also generate additional revenue.Publishers of all sizes and demographics are increasing their earning with Chitika ads.

Ad Types:

On Chitika there are three type of ads,which you can put on your blog/website.

  • Text Ads  
  • List Unit
  • Mobile Ads 

You can place any or all type of ad on your blog/website.Size and appearance of ads can be chosen by you according to your site/blog.Target of 'Mobite Ads' are only those who use internet on their mobiles,it will not appear for computer/laptop users.

Referral Program

If some of your visitors are publisher(blogger/website owner) and they join Chitika through you.Then publishers that you refer to Chitika will be tracked through your unique username, and you will earn 10% of their revenue with Chitika for the first 10 months.To join Chitika click here.

Payment Process

Chitika offers two payment options: Paypal payments and payment by Check.Your account needs to accumulate the minimum amount of $10 for Paypal and $50 for Checks.If you choose Paypal,don't worry,Chitika does not charge service fees from users.
Your referral revenue will be included with your regular monthly earnings.You will receive payment 30 days after the end of the month that your referral generated clicks,provided that the total revenue is over $10 for Paypal and $50 for Ckeck.

Some Facts About Chitika:

It is founded in 2003 and it's headquarters in Westborough,MA(United States).Offices of Chitika is also in Hyderabad,India.

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Friday, 26 April 2013

Amazon Associates (An Affiliate Advertising Program):

Amazon Associates was launched in 1996 and is one of the first Affiliate marketing programs.It is most popular and best affiliate program for bloggers,website owners and internet marketers. A lot of bloggers are involved in this program and earning promoting Amazon listed products on their blogs.Amazon Associates has a 12 years track record of helping bloggers to make money by advertising millions of Amazon listed products.

What Is The Amazon Associates Program?

When bloggers who are associates create links and customers clicks through those links and buy products from Amazon, bloggers earn commission called referral fees.Although there are several affiliate programs but it is most popular because it is free to join and easy to use. It provide customers the convenience of referring them to a trusted site where they can immediately  purchase the products you advertise on your blog or site.When they buy you will earn up to 15% in referral fees.

How Amazon Associates Program Work?

Normally bloggers write about Amazon products in their blog which tempts visitors to visit Amazon's site  from your blogging site to buy the product.More number of visitors you drive over,greater the chance to convert prospective customer into actual ones buying products from Amazon.You will make money as a commission with each product that you will happen to sell on Amazon.It has a variety of products to sell and so many tools like WordPress Plug Ins. to  integrate them to your blog.
If you have a good writing skills then it could be easy for you to create a make money blogging for Amazon.But it is not so easy to sell a product to a customer.First you need to own a blog as a platform to drive people to Amazon and then then you have to give them a strong reason to buy product from Amazon.So, if you want to make good money from Amazon Associates program then devote some quality time and apply a few tricks of Internet marketing and of course have patience to get successful.

How Much Can You Earn From It?

Most important thing, how much we can earn from Amazon Associates program, comes to our mind.No fix answer of this question, it will depend on following factors and individuals potentials:
  1. Number of items that you will sell on Amazon in particular quarter,it means  once you reach to certain performance level Amazon will entitle you under under incentive program where percentage or commission will get increased.
  2. Price of the item,higher the price of the item sold, greater will be the commission.
  3. How many prospective customer turns to actual customers that visit your blog/site.

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

AdSense (An Advertising Program):

In Previous article we discussed about options through which we can earn by blogging.Now we are going to discuss in detail about those options.First, we are going to discuss about an advertising program "AdSense".

What is Google AdSense?

If you are a new on the block of blogging then it could be the best way to monetize your blog,because it simple to implement and manage.There is a two type of programs of Google and they are interconnected,one of them is AdSense and other one is AdWord.For better understanding we will discuss here both the programs.


Adwords is for advertisers,who want to advertise their products or services to increase the earnings.Advertisers pay an amount to google for for showing their ads on blogs or websites.


AdSense is for publishers,who owns blogs or websites and wants to publish advertisements on their blogs or on websites.Who publish ads on their blogs or websites receives money from google. 

In brief,publishers are website owners or bloggers like you & me who creates content for their website or blog and advertisers are those individual businesspersons who wants to sell their products or services on publishers blog or website.
Google works as a mediator between advertisers and publishers.Google pays to publishers those money which it getting from advertisers.As a mediator it takes some few percents of money taking from advertisers as a commission and pays most of the money to publishers.To join google adsense click here.

Terms & Conditions to Join AdSense Program

To join AdSense program first you have to take approval from google.Early rules of approval from google was very relaxed but now a days it is not very easy,google is a bit strict on approval now.So you should read and follow terms & conditions very carefully.To read terms & conditions click here.

Alternatives Of Google AdSense

There are some other advertising programs are too serving publishers and advertisers.So do not get upset to know that it is not easy to get approval from google.Because you can also join other advertising programs like AdSense.Some of them are:

4.Amazon Associates
9.Tribal Fusion
12.Exit Junction

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Most Trusted Ways to Make Money Blogging

Blogging is a "Hottest way of Money Making" and also a great way of expressing yourself or your knowledge.By using your knowledge and some quality time, you can monetize your blog.Although it is not an over night getting rich process.Like any other jobs it also need dedication,enthusiasm and hard work.But it give you popularity in bonus which is not possible in any other job so easily.

Making money by blogging is most searched topic  by a blogger on Internet but you won't get a predefined fixed formula for this.There are lots of ways to monetize your blog.It is you,who has to decide that which one is suitable for you.Here I am going to write about some most tested & trusted ways of money making through which a good number of people earned and still earning big money by their blogs.
For new readers who does not know about the Blogging then please read my previous article "what is Blog" and "How to Blog".

1.Join An Advertising Program

There are many advertising programs available for bloggers to join.Some of them are Google Adsense, adBrite,Chitika,Bidvertiser etc.One of the most popular and renowned advertising program is GoogleAdsense. It is the most common and easiest to set up on your blog and provide a variety of advertising contents like text,display and video advertising opportunity for bloggers.You will find most of the blogs are using online advertising programs.But who are not using any trick to increase their earning are not making big money.but by putting some effort and trick you will certainly earn big money by online advertising program.

2.Join Affiliate Advertising Programs

This is second best option for making money by your blog.Some People are making million dollars by affiliate advertising programs.This option is best for those who want to work hard and have knowledge & interest in Internet Marketing.There are so many good affiliate advertising programs available on internet.You have to choose which suits to you.AmazonAssociates is one of the most popular and easiest affiliate advertising program for bloggers to join.

3.Join Affiliate Advertising Network

This is one of the best place to join those bloggers who want to earn by their blogs.Affiliate advertising network links advertisers with publishers(like Bloggers).There are so many affiliate advertising network which supports bloggers.One of the most popular affiliate advertising network is Click Bank.

4.Sell Own Ad Space Directly

If you  have an established blog and had a good no. of dedicated visitors then you can easily monetize it by selling some of your blog space directly to advertisers.This will give you a certain monthly income very easily,but for this you have to work hard for getting good traffic on your blog.
There are some websites who can help you in selling your own ad space like etc.This kind of websites links publishers(like Bloggers) with advertisers to make your ad space selling easy.You can also place link to advertise on your blog so that advertisers can contact you directly.

5.Sell Your Own Product

There are a lot of websites who provides online space to create online store where you can sell your own products or merchandise.Some popular websites are CafePress,Printfection etc.

6.Publish Sponsored Reviews

In this option you can write post on your blog about other's product by taking payment for that post,it is called sponsored review.There are a lot of advertisers who wants to publicize their products or services on famous blogs.This is one of the way to increase the demand of  products or services and for sponsored reviews advertisers pay thousands of rupees just for a single review.By a good review of their product on your blog advertisers earn big amount,sometimes they earns lifelong by your review that why they pay nice amount for reviews.
But be sure about that product before writing a review because a misleading review can destroy your reputation and it will affect your blog traffic too.

7.Write and Sell an e-book

If you have a good number of regular readers,I mean if you've a strong following then they like your content and style of writing.In this case if you have expertise in your blog's topic then they will like to read more from you outside of your blog too.Now you can utilize your blog traffic power and write an e-book and offer it for sell on your blog.

8.Become a Consultant

If you have established yourself as an expert in your blog's topic,then you can offer consultation service to others for their business,who ask for the help of your expertise.You can offer consultation services for creating or writing a successful blog.

9.Become a Professional Blogger

If you like writing articles and can write on various numbers of topics within certain time span autonomously then you could apply for blogging jobs.There are several sites who needs paid professional bloggers.However blogger's pay rates depends upon so many factors,so choose wisely only those jobs which suits you and can fulfill your long term goals. 

10.Ask For Donation

If you write well,getting good number of visitors regularly and you know that your readers feel connected to you then this could be a way to earn from your blog is using a donation button.You can place a paypal donation button on your blog and ask your readers to donate if they liked your contents.Readers who really get benefited and get connected by your content likely to donate you.You never know who might be feeling generous!So do not hesitate to put a 'Donate Me' button on your blog.Even some famous blogs are also using this method to earn money  for example Wikipedia.

11.Convert Most of Your Visitors into Subscribers

Most important ,if you are not building your email list then visitors who leaves your blog is gone forever.Nobody knows next time they will find you through any search engine or not.If they link your blog to someone else blog or site then possibly they could find you which people does very rarely.
So why don't you manage to collect their emails addresses so that you can be in touch with them.You can send them your blog every time,you publish your blog.You can promote your e-books and affiliate products to them.They can click your Adsense ads.By visiting again they can increase your number of page views which increase your revenue by CPM banner ads.Your readers could share your blog on facebook,twitter or on Linkedin and make popular your blog by pulling more traffic to your blog.

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Monday, 10 September 2012

How To Blog?

There are a lot of blogs of different kind but this blog is specially for homemakers or moms,so we will keep it simple and only opt those kind of blogs which could be easy to use for moms like me.In previous post we discussed about blog and blogging and now biggest question is about what to blog(I mean what should be the topic and content)?The answer of this question can't be one liner.Everybody individually is a different person and has different kind of qualities,so topic & content of blog will differ person by person.For example:

1.Some moms are passionate about cooking,they can use this quality in blogging and can write about cooking & can share their recipes.
2.If you have interest in knitting then you can share your knowledge designs of knitting.   
3.If you are fond of movies then you can write about movies.
4.If gardening is your hobby then you can share your experience & knowledge about gardening.

I want to say that everybody has at least a hobby or interest area,you can use  it in blogging.All of the mentioned above are also available in form of books, magazines,newspapers,TV programs & in other form of resources.Blogs are different from other form of resources because here visitors can interact with the blogger(I mean with you through messages or comments).Always remember one thing that there are a lot of bloggers who are writing on same topics so here you should give attention to your quality of content and way of presentation  to attract the visitors.There are other many ways through which you can increase traffic(no. of visitors) on your blog,I will write later on this topic.

Is It Difficult or Need Any Technical Skill?

Of course not,neither it is difficult nor it needs any kind of technical skill to start a blog.Initially when I decided to start my blog I was totally puzzled because I am not a writer.But once I started I came to know that no one is born writer.If you have interest in any subject or topic you talk easily on that topic.Writing is too as simple as that,if subject is of your interest you can write easily.You need not be a writer or computer expert.If you want to start your blog,just invest few hours per day strictly to write an article for your blog.Soon you will see that your writing skills are improving day by day consequently improve quality of your blog too.


Basic Need to Earn Through Other Resources

There are many resources through which you can earn online in the comfort of your home.To utilise these resources you need to have a blog or website.As a beginner blogging is better than website.Here you can interact with visitor and use their comments or messages to improve content of your blog.
There are many ways to monetise your blog,as we discussed earlier if you have a passion convert it in the form of content of your blog.If your content is good and way of presentation attracts the reader then people will visit again for your other articles or information,that means you have particular kind of readership.By providing regular and good articles on your blog you can convert your readership into nice traffic.Once your blog start attracting nice traffic you can start monetise it by many ways like by google adsense, Affiliate programs of Amazan,eBay,ClickBank and several others.
There are tons of ways to make money online through your blog,so just focus on writing quality content for your blog.One day your blog will be convert into an asset.Next post will be about some good resources of online earning through blog.

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