Tuesday, 10 September 2013

How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website/Blog :

Web traffic is most important if you want to make really good amount of money using your blog/website.There are many creative ways to increase traffic to your blog/website.Some of them are paid ways like Google AdWord and some are free of cost.Here we will talk about "How to increase web traffic for free".

TraffUP :
It is a manual surf exchange site where you view a page and in return people view your page. Because it has to be done manually, people have to see the page you are promoting.Only downsides is Surfing can take time, sometimes up to 30 seconds per page depending on the exchanges rules. 

FollowLike :
The FollowLike system will help increase your SEO, Backlinks, Traffic, Social Followers, Bookmarks & Networks.Here we will also get :
1.300 Coin Signup Bonus        
2.400 Coins Per Referral          
3.Earn $0.15 Per Referral

Shaggydogbiz :
If you want to get your opportunity advertised online, you need to join ShaggyDogBiz and put your splash pages into rotation. And as you surf on Shaggy yourself to others websites/blogs.

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