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List Of Best Online Survey Sites For Indians

There are thousands of free websites on which you can sign up for paid surveys,but amongst them only some hundreds are reliable and are associated with reputed marketing companies. And amongst them only few sites are available for Indians. Most of the survey sites are only for US residents. Some are for the residents of US, UK, Australia and Canada.
It is a tough job to find which site is reputed,really pays their members on the regular basis and are available for Indians. I did a lot of research and as per my knowledge I have prepared a list of trusted survey sites. But before joining these sites kindly check legitimacy of these site yourself too.

Best Online Survey Sites

Here is a list and brief description of more than 20 best free paid survey sites where you can join and make good earning in your home comfort. On these sites they will never ask you for any kind of fees, neither for joining nor for receiving survey. For good earning I will suggest you to join all the sites and try to provide them maximum details on the time of joining. It will help them to understand that which kind of survey suit your profile. It will also help you in getting more and relevant surveys.


GlobalTestMarket is the largest and the best known online survey panel in the world.It is founded in 1999 and run by GMI(Global Market Insite). GlobalTestMarket survey panel is an organized community of profiled consumers who take surveys of large range of products and in exchange receives cash incentives for their participation in surveys. GlobalTestMarket has a reach of over 5.5 million households within more than 200 countries worldwide and provide best solutions to companies who want to conduct a online market research amongst consumers of different countries.Surveys of this site will be mostly of your interest like household products,automobile,movies, games etc.For all surveys completed by you will be rewarded with market points by this site. Once your score reach to 1000 market point you can request site for the payment of $50.


It is one of the best paying survey site. SurveyHead established in 2008 by the founders of, an old survey site. was a well known online survey company, who served market research companies worldwide and provided them global solutions of their products. Later gozing taken over by the Greenfield, an online survey company. Nowadays SurveyHead is parent company working with corporations and reputed market research companies. It is providing companies intelligent solutions and helping in shaping up future products. Since it servers globally, so when you register on this site if it has any survey matches to your demographic profile it will send you survey immediately after your registration. On completion of your registration it will reward you with $5 as a sign up bonus. Rewards point of surveys depends on the length and question of the survey. Reward money either you can request as a cash payment by your paypal account or you can redeem them for gifts.


OpinionBureau is an online survey community website which provides you a platform to voice your opinion and get paid for it. OpinionBureau website is owned and operated by Internet Research Bureau Pvt.Ltd. ("IRB") which came into existence in the year of 2011 in New Delhi,India. OpinionBureau provide market researchers with relevant, appropriate and authentic market research data that could help companies formulate a robust and targeted marketing campaigns for their products and services.This website conducts online surveys,capture opinions of consumer of a particular product or services.They offers rewards to their members for their time and feedback in online surveys. Once the survey completed they share data with researchers,who analyse it and provide insight to the companies. You can earn here in following ways:

1.INR 100 for Signing up.
2.Refer your friends and Earn INR 5 when they join OpinionBureau.
3.Earn up to INR 500 for each survey you qualify with OpinionBureau.
4.Redeem your reward as soon as the redeemable amount reaches INR 250.  

4.Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is a survey panel operated by parent company Research Now Ltd. This panel is available in 15 languages and more than in 20 countries across the world. This is the simplest survey panel ever I had experienced. As you sign up to this site you start receiving surveys in your inbox as per your interest, provided by you at the time of registration. Each survey from site estimated to take 15-20 minutes to complete and rewards ranging anywhere between INR50-INR100 per survey and for specialist survey they provide up to INR1000. Once you reach to INR400,you can redeem your cash for Vouchers.


IndiaSpeaks is first Indian Online survey portal through which opinion of consumers are articulated on different topics. This site is created and managed by the AbsoluteDataResearch & Analytics.Currently Indiaspeaks is catering only Indian citizens/Indian residents.Panelists of IndiaSpeaks represents wide range of age, income, demographic profile and professional attributes.When you register on this site you will be invited through e-mails to participate in surveys of your interest.Panelists  registered with this site earns reward points for their participation in surveys.These reward points can be redeemed for attractive prices and gifts of renowned brands like Pantaloon,Lifestyle,Big Bazar,Barista,CafeCoffeeDay etc.

6.Star Panel

Star Panel is introduced by the Star India Pvt.Ltd. in cooperation with the market research company Nepa India Pvt.Ltd.Once you join the panel you will get survey invitations through e-mail and on this site surveyor want to know your opinion about your favorite TV shows,Characters,Advertisements and a lot more.On this site you have to tell that how many surveys in a month you are willing to take,maximum 6 survey in a month you can get from the panel of this site.For every completed survey,receive an incentive that you can either withdraw as cash(when you have reached USD 10.5 in your panel account) or you can redeem as movie vouchers(when you have reached USD 2.25 in your panel account) from BIG Cinemas.

7.Toluna India

Toluna is world's leading online survey panel. This company provides survey technology to leading research companies,media groups and corporate sectors globally. Toluna has it's more than 15 offices in Europe,North America and in Asia Pacific. Greenfield Online and Ciao survey panels are being closed down as Toluna has taken over both of them in 2009. All members of Ciao and Greenfield Online migrated to the Toluna panel.Toluna has launched their India survey panel,called Toluna India. At Toluna, you will earn Toluna points for completing surveys. There are some other options from which you can earn points like creating polls, opinions, referring friends and you will also receive 500 points as a sign up bonus. At Toluna you can redeem your earned points for gift cards or to buy monthly sweepstakes tickets.

8.Survey Savvy

Since 1999 Survey Savvy is operated by Luth Research,LLC.,a market research leader since 1977.This company is based in San Diego,California.They have 1.5 million members in more than 190 countries across the world and they pays cash to members who participate and complete the surveys.On this site some surveys offer sweepstakes entries for cash drawings.Here you can also earn by referring friends.It is one of the high paying survey site.

9.The Panel Station

The Panel Station is a community of consumers, established in 2008,that shares their opinion about a variety of products and services through online research surveys.It is one of the best Indian survey site.Panelists of this site are mainly from India,China,Indonesia,Brazil,Mexico and some other countries of emerging economy.You will receive Surveys through this site by email and on the completion of surveys reward points will be awarded.Once you reach 2000 points then you can cashing in.Your reward point can be redeemed for gift vouchers.


PanelPlace is a portal dedicated to help their panelists to keep track of research panels and remind them of those they have not joined.PanelPlace continuously searches active and reputed survey panels to save time of their panelists.By joining this portal you will not miss any survey and maximise your earning.It is free to join,So I will suggest you to join and keep informed about new opportunities.On home page of this site you can meet real peoples with their income proofs. 

11.Spider Metrix

Spider Metrix is an Australian Company founded in 1999,begun it's operation on June 26,2000.It is privately held organisation based in Melbourne,Australia.
This company is managed by it's founders and supported by great team with expertise in Information Technology,Business,Psychology,Marketing,Graphics and Advertising.From this site you will receive spider points on completion of each survey and these spider points can be redeemed for Cash,Vouchers and Gifts.Surveys from this is simple and you will have a fun on doing them.


YourSay is established in 1997 and is one of first companies in the world to help marketing and research companies worldwide gather consumer opinion through online surveys.Although YourSay itself is not a marketing & research company but it helps marketing & research companies providing them consumers opinions.Here you can take surveys online,on phone & face-to-face and you will be  rewarded for all three type of surveys.Once you complete the survey you will receive rewards range anywhere between $1-$200.Good thing about "YourSay" is here rewards are comparatively high and  mostly in form of cash.

13.Brand Institute

Brand Institute established in 1993,is the world's premiere brand identity consultancy and the parent company of Drug Safety Institute(DSI).It's brand agency portfolio of services includes brand strategy/architecture, name development, market research, regulatory and visual identity solutions.If you are a medical professional then here you guys will earn more in comparison to a non-medical person.Members of Brand Institute receives cash for completing surveys.


AIP Online Surveys are conducted by AIP Corporation serves business organisations and entities from all over the world,primarily from Europe,U.S. and Asia.After registering as a memober of AIP and responding to it's online surveys you will be rewarded with EPoints.Accumulated EPoints can later be redeemed for online gift vouchers.

15.Permission Research

Permission Research is a division of comScore,Inc.,one of the largest online research company with more than 2 million members worldwide.Panelists of Permission Research help influence the content and services that are available on the Internet and offline as well.To participate in this research community, you have to install a software provided by Permission Research site on your computers.This research software monitors the community members Internet activity,allowing Permission Research to develop an understanding of how you and members of your household use Internet.In addition Permission Research may occasionally invites its members to participate in online surveys that offers cash or gift cards to its members.

16.Palm Research

Palm Research is an online research panel that compensate their members for participating in online surveys.Generally their minimum survey rewards starts from $ 0.50.One thing which makes this site different from others is that it is a daily survey site.Here members will receive at least one survey per day.Palm Research provides a specific opportunity to its members  called  "ad-hocs" studies with more specific demographic and higher compensation rates than their general daily surveys.By referring your friends you can earn 10% of their earnings.Once your account balance reach $10, you will get paid via paypal.


e-Research-Global incorporated in January,2003 in Honolulu,Hawaii.Streamline Surveys Inc. is the major shareholders of e-Research-Global.Through this company you will be introduced to those survey panel who are seeking members for their surveys.In brief,in one sort you will become the member of many survey companies.Even in future if any company associate with e-Research-Global then you will get an invitation to join that company.So to get in touch with e-Research-Global for more cash reward opportunities.

18.Socratic Forum

Socratic Forum is an online survey panel established by Socratic Technologies, a research agency that has specialisation in interactive marketing research and modelling.Generally it offers their panelists surveys on new technologies and software,business-to-business products and services,e-commerce innovations and other studies based on economy.

19.Opinion World

Opinion World is an online community that provide consumers and business professionals the opportunity to take online surveys and get paid for it.It has members across the world.Here you receive survey invitation through emails and on successful completion of survey you will receive points which can be redeem for variety of rewards.It is a renowned research company,here you can win some great rewards.

20.Pure Profile

Pure Profile is pioneering  paid surveys since 2000.Pure Profile offers online paid surveys in exchange of cash.Here when your account balance reach Rs.1000 then you can start withdrawal through Paypal.

21.My View

My View is a global community of expert individuals who expresses their open,honest, and valid opinions on wide range of topics since 1996.Here experts mean guys just like you who are knowledgeable and passionate about almost any topic like Gaming,Movie,Business,Family,TV,Books,Technology etc.Taking surveys here is pretty simple,just tell what you think stuff like:

1.Never before seen movie tailors
2.New tools and solutions for IT professional
3.Cutting edge tools and solutions for IT professional
4.The latest fashion trends
5.New video games
6.Health topics
7.Business issues,large and small
8.And much more


Mixreg founded in 2011 and contributing successfully to many advertising agencies in different countries.This company offers their panelists program of effective partnership:"Opinion For Money".To participate in program you need to watch the video recordings of advertisers and to fill in survey and get money bonuses.You will receive $2 to $15 in your account for each filled survey.This survey site have best payment structure as far I am concerned.You can earn here in following three ways:

1.$2 to $15 on your account for each filled survey;
2.$9 to your account for each partner you involved;
3.15% of the earnings of each partner you involve.

Happy earnings! Hope this will help you.Soon I will update something new and exciting.And if you have any kind of experience about above mentioned companies,good or bad,you are welcome to share your experience with me.Till then keep smiling!,it cost nothing but pays a lot.

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