Tuesday, 4 September 2012

What Is Blog?

I am back with some other ideas to earn at home.I know every mom like me wants to spend quality time with their kids and also wants to earn enough so that they can adore their kids with toys and other kids stuffs.My daughter is just one year old but have a fair attraction towards gadgets.So I try to buy gadget toys which look alike real gadgets,but she is enough smart and easily differentiate between real and toys.But still she likes to play with those toys because she likes gadgets.What about your baby?Share with me,I would love to know.

Nowadays you will easily find people talking about 'Blog' or 'Blogging' but very few people have exact idea about it.Before six month I was searching any home based job and during this period I came across with this word 'Blogging'.But I did not know much about blogging,so I started talking about it with people to explore more about blogging.I found that in India very few people really know about it and still people in India do not take blogging as a serious career option.When they want work at home job,mostly go for data entry type of job options.Finding legitimate data entry jobs online itself is a difficult job and earnings in data entry jobs are very low,so I never chose it.What I liked about blogging is,it is not an earning source but a way through which we can use many other resources of  online earning.

What is Blogging

When we go through search engines like goggle to find about blog or  blogging we find a lot of definitions about it.Here I am not going to put any definition of blogging in technical words.I will try to portray a picture of blogging in a layman language.Blog is a term taken from 'weblog'.In simple words blog is a website through which we can share our thoughts and knowledge.Here we can not only share our thoughts but person who visits our blog can comment on content of blog.Creation of a blog(or you can say writing on a blog) is called blogging and the person who writes on the blog is called blogger.Best thing I liked about bogging is you can work from anywhere and anytime.You just need a laptop with internet connection.There are different types of blogs and they focus on different niche.Here is a brief of some common type of blogs:

1.Personal Blogs

Personal blogs are the most common type of blogs and the broadest category of blogging.It includes blogs about personal topics like health, travel, photo, music, politics, food etc. Personal blogs are written in personal language with emotional touch.

2.Corporate or Organisational Blogs

Corporate or organisational blogs internally are used  to enhance the communication and culture in an organisation or externally for marketing and public relations purposes.

3.Niche Blogs

Focuses on any particular topic of bloggers desire.It provide information on that particular topic.It could be educational, music, fashion, art, sports and thoughts.

4.Forum Blogs

It allows two or more people to post their discussions, ask questions and serves as an internet forum. 

5.Photo Blogs

A blog on which one can shares his/her photography.

6.Review Blogs

It is a blog where a blogger share tips and reviews about products like books, iPhone, mobiles, movies and so on.

7.Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Blogs with primary purpose to driving traffic to affiliate programs and get rich quick schemes.This includes multi-level marketing(MLM) blogs and pyramid schemes.

There are some other types of blogs too but I prefer only those who are suitable for a homemakers or moms.With the help of blogs we can explore other online earning options.Next post will be about 'How to blog(or write content on blog)?'.Like any other business,online jobs are too demand hard work and patience,it is not a over night get rich process.But once you start taking it seriously & handle it smartly it will flourish soon.  

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