Monday, 10 September 2012

How To Blog?

There are a lot of blogs of different kind but this blog is specially for homemakers or moms,so we will keep it simple and only opt those kind of blogs which could be easy to use for moms like me.In previous post we discussed about blog and blogging and now biggest question is about what to blog(I mean what should be the topic and content)?The answer of this question can't be one liner.Everybody individually is a different person and has different kind of qualities,so topic & content of blog will differ person by person.For example:

1.Some moms are passionate about cooking,they can use this quality in blogging and can write about cooking & can share their recipes.
2.If you have interest in knitting then you can share your knowledge designs of knitting.   
3.If you are fond of movies then you can write about movies.
4.If gardening is your hobby then you can share your experience & knowledge about gardening.

I want to say that everybody has at least a hobby or interest area,you can use  it in blogging.All of the mentioned above are also available in form of books, magazines,newspapers,TV programs & in other form of resources.Blogs are different from other form of resources because here visitors can interact with the blogger(I mean with you through messages or comments).Always remember one thing that there are a lot of bloggers who are writing on same topics so here you should give attention to your quality of content and way of presentation  to attract the visitors.There are other many ways through which you can increase traffic(no. of visitors) on your blog,I will write later on this topic.

Is It Difficult or Need Any Technical Skill?

Of course not,neither it is difficult nor it needs any kind of technical skill to start a blog.Initially when I decided to start my blog I was totally puzzled because I am not a writer.But once I started I came to know that no one is born writer.If you have interest in any subject or topic you talk easily on that topic.Writing is too as simple as that,if subject is of your interest you can write easily.You need not be a writer or computer expert.If you want to start your blog,just invest few hours per day strictly to write an article for your blog.Soon you will see that your writing skills are improving day by day consequently improve quality of your blog too.


Basic Need to Earn Through Other Resources

There are many resources through which you can earn online in the comfort of your home.To utilise these resources you need to have a blog or website.As a beginner blogging is better than website.Here you can interact with visitor and use their comments or messages to improve content of your blog.
There are many ways to monetise your blog,as we discussed earlier if you have a passion convert it in the form of content of your blog.If your content is good and way of presentation attracts the reader then people will visit again for your other articles or information,that means you have particular kind of readership.By providing regular and good articles on your blog you can convert your readership into nice traffic.Once your blog start attracting nice traffic you can start monetise it by many ways like by google adsense, Affiliate programs of Amazan,eBay,ClickBank and several others.
There are tons of ways to make money online through your blog,so just focus on writing quality content for your blog.One day your blog will be convert into an asset.Next post will be about some good resources of online earning through blog.

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