Thursday, 11 April 2013

AdSense (An Advertising Program):

In Previous article we discussed about options through which we can earn by blogging.Now we are going to discuss in detail about those options.First, we are going to discuss about an advertising program "AdSense".

What is Google AdSense?

If you are a new on the block of blogging then it could be the best way to monetize your blog,because it simple to implement and manage.There is a two type of programs of Google and they are interconnected,one of them is AdSense and other one is AdWord.For better understanding we will discuss here both the programs.


Adwords is for advertisers,who want to advertise their products or services to increase the earnings.Advertisers pay an amount to google for for showing their ads on blogs or websites.


AdSense is for publishers,who owns blogs or websites and wants to publish advertisements on their blogs or on websites.Who publish ads on their blogs or websites receives money from google. 

In brief,publishers are website owners or bloggers like you & me who creates content for their website or blog and advertisers are those individual businesspersons who wants to sell their products or services on publishers blog or website.
Google works as a mediator between advertisers and publishers.Google pays to publishers those money which it getting from advertisers.As a mediator it takes some few percents of money taking from advertisers as a commission and pays most of the money to publishers.To join google adsense click here.

Terms & Conditions to Join AdSense Program

To join AdSense program first you have to take approval from google.Early rules of approval from google was very relaxed but now a days it is not very easy,google is a bit strict on approval now.So you should read and follow terms & conditions very carefully.To read terms & conditions click here.

Alternatives Of Google AdSense

There are some other advertising programs are too serving publishers and advertisers.So do not get upset to know that it is not easy to get approval from google.Because you can also join other advertising programs like AdSense.Some of them are:

4.Amazon Associates
9.Tribal Fusion
12.Exit Junction

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