Friday, 26 April 2013

Amazon Associates (An Affiliate Advertising Program):

Amazon Associates was launched in 1996 and is one of the first Affiliate marketing programs.It is most popular and best affiliate program for bloggers,website owners and internet marketers. A lot of bloggers are involved in this program and earning promoting Amazon listed products on their blogs.Amazon Associates has a 12 years track record of helping bloggers to make money by advertising millions of Amazon listed products.

What Is The Amazon Associates Program?

When bloggers who are associates create links and customers clicks through those links and buy products from Amazon, bloggers earn commission called referral fees.Although there are several affiliate programs but it is most popular because it is free to join and easy to use. It provide customers the convenience of referring them to a trusted site where they can immediately  purchase the products you advertise on your blog or site.When they buy you will earn up to 15% in referral fees.

How Amazon Associates Program Work?

Normally bloggers write about Amazon products in their blog which tempts visitors to visit Amazon's site  from your blogging site to buy the product.More number of visitors you drive over,greater the chance to convert prospective customer into actual ones buying products from Amazon.You will make money as a commission with each product that you will happen to sell on Amazon.It has a variety of products to sell and so many tools like WordPress Plug Ins. to  integrate them to your blog.
If you have a good writing skills then it could be easy for you to create a make money blogging for Amazon.But it is not so easy to sell a product to a customer.First you need to own a blog as a platform to drive people to Amazon and then then you have to give them a strong reason to buy product from Amazon.So, if you want to make good money from Amazon Associates program then devote some quality time and apply a few tricks of Internet marketing and of course have patience to get successful.

How Much Can You Earn From It?

Most important thing, how much we can earn from Amazon Associates program, comes to our mind.No fix answer of this question, it will depend on following factors and individuals potentials:
  1. Number of items that you will sell on Amazon in particular quarter,it means  once you reach to certain performance level Amazon will entitle you under under incentive program where percentage or commission will get increased.
  2. Price of the item,higher the price of the item sold, greater will be the commission.
  3. How many prospective customer turns to actual customers that visit your blog/site.

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